Oki Side Table.

Design: EOOS.

Flexible, practical, high quality: our Oki Side Table easily takes its place beside the sofa – as a coffee table or occasional table, for a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Optionally round or rectangular, matt black, matt bronze, copper, brass or in the Colors Edition 2022 lagoon. Also available: our marble Oki Stone Side Table. 

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Lightness, balance and geometry – Oki Side Table is an exceptional implementation of the basic tenets of minimalist design. The dainty wire framework bears the weight of the table top.

The surface has been hand-finished in an intricate labor of love: the brush-finish gives the metal a unique, stunning patina effect. Oki Side Table is elegant, pleasantly smooth and at the same time sensuously warm. Each table is unlike any other.

Oki Colors. Edition 2022: Lagoon

Every year, we produce the Oki Side Tables in a special color. The 2022 edition: Lagoon - sky meets water. The fresh tone adds a color accent without being too loud and can be perfectly combined with the existing colors of the side tables.